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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 12, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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those are real jobs with real salaries that involve technology backgrounds. what if you're into sports, look at the first down marker in football, instead of a conversation with kids, let's talk about augmented reality, talk about the sport of football. you know that first down marker, that's technology. let's talk about this technology and how it actually works. then you have a kid interested in that discussion. >> actually, how does that thing work, mario. i'll ask you about that later. do we need -- we know to a certain extent kids are attracted to stars. big names, celebrities sometimes. we know this from sports and movies and entertainment. who is the star in technology? we can put up mario armstrong and this the guy you can be. other than you. >> i'm not the star. the people that are behind the scenes people that aren't on the camera. people like gerome solomon, this guy is a phenomenal star. he works for lucas arts, an animator, programmer, designer
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all involved in the traveller movies. that's huge. clarence wooten, a serial entrepreneur. this is a guy who built a company before the do the-combust, sold it for close to $30 million and launched two more companies where he's hiring people. so our kids need to know these role models exist so we can start shaping who they look up to as future stars. >> let me hand this thing over immediately at the top of the hour to fredricka whitfield. >> are you in a hurry? >> not really. arkansas doesn't play until 6:00. want me to stick around? >> a little football later today, arkansas, can't wait for the boxing. >> the fight tonight. i'm a morning guy. the fights don't start until 11:00 midnight. >> be a vampire during the day and sleep during the day. >> shouldn't be a problem. >> another big game today, we're talking about penn state's football game. all this on the heels of that
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sex scandal that is certainly overshadowing the university and overshadowing today's game involving former assistant coach jerry sandusky. well, this is also this scandal enveloped a legendary football coach joe paterno, who for the first time in nearly 50 years is not on the sidelines with the team. overnight developments include a bomb scare, a statement from paterno, and a student vigil. we'll get to those things. penn state's new interim president promising a full investigation. he has appointed an ethics officer to report directly to him on his findings. right now the campus is trying to regain his footing. mike is outside with new developments. what is this bomb scare about? >> reporter: tlfts a bomb scare last night, let me tell you that. so much news going on. bomb scare, bomb sniffing dogs, other personnel. nothing found.
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the statement behind me is electric. i had a chance to go in there moments ago. it is bigger than a football story. they are hoping football can heal. it's a big game atmosphere. it's a game they have to win. imagine after all this, all that's gone on, losing of a legendary coach, the scandal, victims who are number one in this, but to lose the game as well, you can just feel that. many wondering, what is joe paterno doing? he's been head coach since 1966. lbj was in office to give you perspective. here is a statement released through his son scott, my father is experiencing a range of powerful emotions. he's disrout over what happened to the children and families. he wants very much to speak publicly and answer questions. at this point he has no choice but be patient and defer to the legal process. we'll hear from him. there's reports joe paterno wrote a letter to his team, i'm sorry i'm not going to be there
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but focus on the game. his son jay will be on the sideline. he's an assistant coach. what's significant there, he's normally up in the press box. there will be a paterno presence on the sideline, a subtle message there on this day when there's so much emotion going on. >> interesting stuff. we are talking about the legacy of a football program there at penn state. talk to me about mike mcqueary. he was an assistant coach expected to be there at the game. his allegations helped open up the can of worms, so to speak, in terms of leaving not just one allegation of a child abused but in the end somewhere like eight or maybe even nine. he's no longer to be at the game. not necessarily because the university took a stand but because of threats and now his job or there is a suspension that's also been imposed.
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>> reporter: that's another one of those sidebar parts of the story that played out throughout the week. many here in state college thought if joe paterno is going to go, mike mcqueary should go as well. he's a grad student in 2002, he said he saw jerry sandusky molesting, sexually assaulting a boy in the shower. he still had his job up until yesterday after the threats you mentioned. then the president, interim president said mr. mcqueary is on paid administrative leave. again, that would have been a huge distraction if he had been on the sideline or even in the stadium. not here today but still has a job. >> okay. are you able to tell me anything about whether this is particularly packed game, more so than what they expected prior to this scandal? >> reporter: you know, you talk about -- just the atmosphere here, everywhere you go, people seem conflicted. you know, they admit there's a cloud. there's not a cloud in the sky,
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fred, at state college. they know there's a crowd hovering. let's send a new message. we don't want to see what happened on the streets with all the mayhem. what they want, obviously they want to win a football game and be peaceful and have a showing. part was the vigil last night to put the victims first. we had a moment of silence for victims of abuse as well. sending a new tone from penn state. >> we'll check back through the afternoon. the game just started. you heard the tears in the background there. moments ago athena jones was talking to some students. she's joining us right now. athena, what have they been saying? >> hi, fred, you know, it's interesting because we've been here since early this morning. in many ways it's been just like your typical college tailgating party. people have been arriving streaming in to cook, drink, continue to drink, there have been mixed emotions. we've seen people walking in shirts saying the legend and the years joe paterno served.
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we also have people say we need to pay attention to what's going on with the children, abuse victims themselves. let's listen to what one fan had to say. she summed it up really well. >> i think everybody is focusing on joe and not so much what happened. they are worried about his image and everything he should have done. really it's not about him, it's about the kids. >> reporter: and so amidst the sea of blue you're seeing here, a lot of people in penn state that dark blue and white, also seeing folks wearing blue shirts saying stop child abuse. trying to cover both sides. people believe the university should have handled it differently, let more facts come out. there are people who can't wait to hear from the coach himself, hear his side of the story. you have other people saying we need to be paying attention to the real victims of all of this, which are the children, fred. >> athena jones, we'll check back with you this afternoon. game time already under way now.
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so in about 10 minutes our legal guys will be tackling this case against sandusky and all that involves penn state now. the question surrounding those who knew about the allegations of sex abuse. but first a couple of homecomings. we take you on the campaign trail as herman cain comes home to atlanta for a brief visit. we'll hear from a major league catcher returned to his family after two harrowing days. 50 hours in the hands of kidnappers. [ male announcer ] go beyond the brush with listerine® total care. its multi-action formula works to restore enamel, help prevent cavities, and kill bad breath germs for a whole mouth clean. whooo... [ male announcer ] listerine® total care. the most complete mouthwash. give you the unexpected burden of constipation? certain prescription medications
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president barack obama drops in on his home state. the first couple arrived in hawaii early this morning. first stop of a nine-day trip through the asia pacific region. the president is hosting an
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economic conference there this weekend and plans to meet privately with the leaders of mexico, canada, japan, russia and china. in his weekly address, reported aboard the "uss carl vinson," president obama calls on all americans to honor veterans for their sacrifice. urging companies to lend a hiring hand, a theme republicans are also pushing with veterans. >> to give our veterans the possibility they have earned, i've directed the federal government to lead by example. already we've hired 120,000 veterans. we've also challenged private companies to hire or train 100,000 veterans and spouses by 2013. so far many patriotic companies answered the call, hiring more than 16,000 americans. we owe it to our veterans to ensure they come home to a strong economy so they can
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transition into life. together we can rise above politics to make certain our nation remains great and worthy of our veterans sacrifices. >> a big debate coming up tonight for republicans running for president. herman cain plans to be there. this morning he was back home or here in atlanta talking to young republicans. he is pushing a foreign policy of, quote, peace through strength and clarity. >> we must clarify who our friends are, clarify who our enemies are, and stop giving money to the enemies. and we must clarify who our friends are so we can let the rest of the world know who our friends are and they will know who we going to stand with. starting with israel we will stand w they are our friends.
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>> paul steinhauser standing by in washington. he's been looking at the latest polls. we've come accustom to romney and cain sharing the spotlight at the very top. what's happening now? >> we've got a new person kind of butting in there, a three-way battle now. just over seven weeks away from the first votes in the iowa. the first one conducted in the last couple of days. there you go at the top mitt romney has been there a while. former massachusetts governor making the second bid for the nomination. in the sampling tied up, newt gingrich house speaker left for dead, his campaign left for dead in may and june. he's slowly rebounded. herman cain we've seen very much at the top stop is still there at 17%. also the next one, similar story, cain at the top on this one with romney and beginning rich at 15%.
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basically when you take the sampling errors there, just about dead even. both those polls indicate a lot of republican voters still undecided. gingrich was talking about that. take a listen. >> it is a wide open race. i think the american people are looking, asking questions, thinking about it. i think it will stay wide open until january. >> reporter: a lot of pictures here of newt gingrich. this morning he's in greenville, south carolina. most of the candidates are campaigning in south carolina this morning because, as you mentioned, fred, tonight, there's going to be a foreign policy debate, national security debate right there in south carolina. >> paul, how much have the debates made an impact on the polling. gingrich and cain shared that debate last weekend. now we're seeing gingrich is near the top of some polling.
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so how much is going to be riding on tonight's debate in south carolina for maybe not just the upper three here but all of the candidates. >> so you're absolutely right. so much riding on these debates. why? they have been very influential in the polling much more so than past debates. let's talk about rick perry, he has not done well in debates and that hurt his polling. we remember the other night the snafu when he blanked out in the debate in michigan. tonight so much is riding on the line for the texas governor. herman cain as well. even though he's done well in debates, foreign policy, national security has not been his forte. they will be checking out herman cain to see how he performs in this debate. just ahead cnn has another debate on foreign policy and national security. >> i know you'll be bringing that as well. appreciate it. of course join us sunday afternoon 4:00 eastern when we dedicate an entire hour to the
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presidential contenders in this 2012 election. president barack obama thanked u.s. servicemen and women, then took in some college hoops, but not your ordinary college hoops game. it was unusual. on the deck an air force carrier. "uss carl vinson" got an extreme makeover for the game between north carolina and michigan state. there the president and first lady looking at it all. there's the transformation, you know. fast forward. the flight deck was turned into an 8,000 seat venue, sailors, veterans, family members, alumni from both teams filling the stands. what an incredible experience. the president told armed forces radio he couldn't imagine a better place to watch such a game. the top ranked tar heels in the end won 65-55. all right. i wonder if these numbers mean
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anything to you kim kardashian, 93, christine romance, 63, george clooney 0, klout. i'll explain what those numbers mean. .
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top stories straight ahead including a major league baseball player freed after being taken from his home at gunshot. you'll hear about the rescue and see video of him now. that's just a few minutes away. first you may tweet a lot. me not included. do you know your klout score? in today's smart is the new rich, christine romans talks to experts how it can actually help
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you grow your business or perhaps even land a job. okay, look. i'm 63, my co-author and friendfriend ali velshi is a 65. people using it for marketing, on resumes, even the most influential colleges. is there a way for companies, colleges, unemployed to use this to build their brand? >> absolutely. so every few years there's some skill it's important for the workforce to understand. a couple of years ago just getting comfortable on the internet now social and being able to share your message with the world. klout is a great way to benchmark your ability. if you're a company or person, to be able to spread your ideas and products through social media is important. >> covers media for forbes.
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a score of 58. >> only on twitter. >> when we talk about putting on resumes it shows you people trying to show how they can harness social media as a business, as a brand, as an image. this whole new arena, hard to know how to gauge your influence on it. >> absolutely. it's a great idea to put it on your resume or tout it in a job interview. i know people are asked in job skber views how many twitter followers they are. companies trying to reinvent themselves for social era. a lot of people running companies may be older and not as fluent in the new social language, so they are extra interested in bringing people into the company who are and can prove it. >> now you know what kind of klout you have. conrad murray convicted. how might his admissions in a
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outhwash, for your future. toothpaste and mouth wetting lonzenges - guaranteed effective on all types of bad breath and dry mouth. nothing works faster than therabreath. visit it's a real nightmare for penn state. a former coach accused of raping children, at least one, on campus. others admit knowing about it but doing next to nothing. let's bring in legal guys avery friedman civil rights attorney and law professor. richard criminal defense attorney and law professor in washington. good to see you as well. gentlemen, where do we begin on this. it's so giant and colossal. let's talk about some of the latest developments that have
9:23 am
happened in the past few hours. we know now that the former head coach paterno has hired a criminal attorney, a defense attorney. richard, why would he need to do that? >> he needs to do that, fred, although there's announcements by the prosecutors that joe paterno is not a target at this time in their investigation, fred, i have seen witnesses and subjects get indicted. he needs to protect himself, make sure his grand jury testimony was all perfect. he better make sure he was part of a cover-up. too late right now. if information comes out he knowingly participated in a cover-up here, he is going to be indicted criminally. >> avery. >> i have a little bit of a different view. i think this case turns on the so-called mandatory reporting law. if you're a doctor, lawyer, social worker, teacher, you know about this. in pennsylvania for some reason
9:24 am
when you discover child abuse, of course joe knew and other coaches knew, in most cases you must report it to law enforcement. the argument here was, well, we reported it to our superiors. i'm not quite sure how that cuts it. i'm not convinced joe paterno was out of the woods. i think he did the right thing about hiring counsel and you're not going to hear a thing from him until this investigation -- >> you touched on something, it's not just one person that said i reported it to a superior, i thought i was doing the right thing. have you a host of people doing that, beginning with mike mcqueary, at the time a grad assistant, now an assistant coach. he's apparently been suspended in the past few hours, too. at first he wasn't going to be at the game because of security reasons. so that has been suspended. is it likely that he's leading, or at least the university, somehow he's positioned to be leading down that same road of wait a minute, you didn't meet the moral authority, the threshold of moral authority to
9:25 am
report. now you didn't even do what most would think one would do. there was no mandatory reporting to police that took place here. >> well, but think of it like this. you've got tom bradley, who is the interim coach, who has been on staff since 1979, fredricka. it seems incomprehensible that the board -- it sounds like they are scrambling. first they let mcqueary stay on, then they put him on paid administrative leave, then they let bradley take over. if penn state does the right thing, everybody has to be let go. it's a clean sweep, everybody has to start over. they are afraid because you have a federal and state grand jury, department of justice and u.s. department of education. >> do you think they are afraid or not the right timing. wait until the football season is over. if it's about protecting the football program that, too, seems to be weighing heavily. >> fred, it's all about
9:26 am
protecting the football program, the image and money being generated by this football program from federal sources forecasts alumni. this football program supports the university. please, the profit this generates is off the charts. >> i know we have other cases, i do want to ask you too, avery, we talk about doj, department of justice and department of education investigation, how are they different? >> department of education sex abuse, department of justice criminal. two different issues. ultimately they join together. separate responsibilities, look for both of them. >> let's move on to conrad murray. we know he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. right around the corner he's going to be sentenced. right on the eve of his sentencing, this "today" show interview is aired this week and he makes a host of admissions. let's listen. >> how could you really be monitoring michael jackson at the same time you're making calls, you're texting, you're
9:27 am
e-mailing. were you distracted? >> no, i was not. when i looked at the man he was all night deprived of sleep. he was desperate for sleep and finally is getting sleep. am i going to sit over him, sit around him, tug on his feet doing anything to wake him up, no. >> you walked out of the room to talk on the phone. >> absolutely. i wanted him to rest. >> you're saying you were talking on the phone but you could see him. >> i could not see him. >> but you could hear him. >> if he got up and called me i could hear him. >> if he stopped breathing. >> he was not on an infusion that would stop breathing. they were talking about me monitoring, there was no need for monitoring. >> you don't regret -- >> gentlemen, avery, how is this going to impact his upcoming sentencing? might it have influenced the court's decision. >> holy smokes.
9:28 am
of course, michael pastor is going to consider that interview, a lot of things that couldn't get in evidence. who the heck is letting a defendant like this after a conviction go on television and make these remarks. that is stunning to me. having said that, even if we're looking at the max of four years, fredricka, california has implemented what's called realignment, which means the maximum he's looking at at least criminally is two years. there's a whole other dimension of civil liability. >> richard, how do you see it? >> it has absolutely no bearing on sentencing, fred. this judge hates him. he's going to give him four years. it's in stone. you can take that to the bank. he's going to get the maximum. fred, the judge is a state court judge. has he to run for election. this is the man that killed michael jackson. please, he's getting four years no matter what he says. he can get up and blast the judge and getting four years. avery is right, reduced to two for county and home confinement for the entire sentence.
9:29 am
that's what's going to happen. >> richard, you're favorite. lindsay lohan. what now? it's like every week there's something involving her sentence or probation, showing up or not showing up. now what? >> remember in animal house like double secret probation they were put on. here she's threatened if she violates the law, the letter of the probation here she's going to do 270 days. it's a farce, the entire california judicial system is a farce. mu mur y is going to be in county prison. lindsay lohan is going to be in county prison. it's ridiculous, know she's going to violate again and be in court. >> avery, you said she was scared straight recently. >> scared straight. she put four and a half hours in century detention center this week. maybe call me optimistic, i do think we're going to see a young woman who is going to get her act together hopefully just to save her. i think we'll see that. >> all right. >> there's some civil litigation
9:30 am
going on, we don't have time to talk about it. don't worry, lindsay will remain an annuity for the show. >> glass half full. you've got to pull for her, hope she gets it together. avery, richard, we'll see you again in 10 minutes. we have other cases to talk about. unbelievable case out of florida. a nine-year-old charged after throwing a tantrum over candy on the school bus and off the bus. hear what they have to say about them. some of the most breathtaking parts on earth are part of the new list of the seven natural wonders of the world. beautiful. you can't change the way banking works. just accept it, man. free ? doesn't close at five ? try nature. it's a bank. what do you want, a hug ? just accept it. hidden fees, fine print, or they'll stick it to you some other way. stay with the herd, son. accept it. just accept it. accept it. just accept it. accept it. if we miss this movie, you're dead. if you're stuck accepting banking nonsense, you need an ally. ally bank.
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from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone. a look at top stories. penn state video fighting a sex abuse scandal, nittany lines playing penn state in neb right now. students wearing blue to support the victims. fired head football coach joe paterno release add statement saying he's distraught over what happened but won't have anything else to say. students have plenty to say, however. >> i think everybody is focusing on joe and not so much what happened. they are just worried about his image and everything he should have done but really it's not about him, it's about the kids. >> the two teams said a prior for the victims, alleged victims at midfield before the game.
9:34 am
president and mrs. obama are in hawaii. it the first stop of a nine-day trip through the asia pacific region. the president is hosting an economic conference this weekend there and plans to meet privately with mexico, japan, russia and china. fans of joe frazier, smoking joe are playing their last respects to the legendary boxer this weekend. two-day public memorial taking place at the wells fargo center in philadelphia. the 67-year-old frazier died from cancer. his funeral is monday. this fan is urging others to turn out to today's memorial. >> young people out there you get a chance to meet your hero, take it, because you never know when you're going to get another shot. >> if you haven't made it to see the seven wonders of the world, you've got a little more traveling to do. the next seven wonders, natural wonders of the world were announced yesterday chosen in an
9:35 am
online vote. the provisional winners are the amazon, halong bay in vietnam. iguazu falls in brazil, jeju island in south korea, komodo indonesia, puerto princesa and table mountain in south africa. this the provisional list. the official winners won't be announced um next year. a woman real estate on a dog. why do they advise her to leave him outside the office.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
what if police put a tracking device in your car without your knowledge and without a warrant? we're going to find out what our legal guys have to say about that. it is a case. avery friedman and richard herman. not a hypothetical, it did happen. antoine jones in d.c. is saying, something is wrong here, what happened to the fourth amendment which protects me against unreasonable search and seizure. >> yeah, fredricka, i love this
9:39 am
case. it really goes to the essence of the bill of rights against the expectation of privacy. the bottom line is can the police put a beeper in your car and monitor you? they did in this one. they had a warrant but the warrant expired. the amazing thing about the arguments this week, the majority of the court, people like alito and scalia are using words like orwellian, 1984, trespass. my prediction, what happened in d.c. with antoine, violation look for 7-2, 8-1 decision throwing the case out and a victory for the fourth amendment. >> richard, it's not an issue of we just forgot it was there. first a warrant on the vehicle and we just forgot. right? >> they don't forget, fred. they know full well what the deal is. it's a little overreaching. they are going to get spanked on this one.
9:40 am
i have to agree with them. the judges absolutely rest on your right to privacy. right to privacy seems to be the overwhelming theme from the justices. it's definitely going to come down that way. you're going to need a warrant if you want to bug someone's car and monitor them, absolutely require a warrant in the future. >> now we have a case that's really pretty remarkable. she was in a serious car accident with a dog that helps her get around. she's going to the attorney's office. they said you're allowed but the dog isn't. have you to leave the dog outside. now the department of justice is involved here saying this may violate the disabilities act. so richard, what kind of resource does she have. wait a minute. this was a law firm? wouldn't they know? wouldn't they know the law and what would be allowed and permissible? >> apparently not, fred, because she came the first time and they wouldn't let her in. then they got a call from the justice department saying there
9:41 am
is an american with disabilities act. you better read and comply with it. it's a public law firm. she came again. they needed to make accommodations for this dog. they did make accommodations but one of the attorneys in there said, i don't care what, i'm in the going to meet with her. i don't want anything to do with this. >> that's right. >> they are going to get sued and they are going to end up paying her money. that's how it's going to end up. >> avery, how do you see it? what will be the arm of the law that says violation of american with disabilities act. what would be the lesson taught to this law firm. what's the potential penalty. >> the lesson will be this 21-year-old suit that been filed by the u.s. attorneys office in new york. federal judge will enforce compensatory fine as well as an injunction. what a mess. how simply this could be avoided.
9:42 am
now a big big mess. >> a case in florida, a nine-year-old that reportedly had too much halloween candy. the bus driver said stop eating candy, you're out of control. the kid allegedly starts cursing at the bus driver and even makes a threat. next thing you know there was a charge being imposed. then avery, the family says there's a medical reason potentially as to why this child kind of went off on the bus driver. explain further. >> when richard last week threatened to spit on the texas judge, i understood all that. this woman, this young girl i should say nine years old, a schizophrenic, apparently didn't take her meds, threatens to spit on the bus driver, throws asphalt. the equivalent of four felonies. the family is saying she should have been medicated, except for one problem, fredricka, she wasn't. they let her on the bus anyhow. the key is medicate your children and keep them away from the reese's peanut butter cups, they will be okay. you won't have a case like this.
9:43 am
>> richard, in the end the family is held accountable. this may be their defense but it's back firing for them, richard. >> nothing is going to happen to the family, fred. this child is going to be ordered to take her medication and get whatever necessary treatment is required. in the end that's what's going to happen. but she was charged with launching a deadly missile to the bus. she grabbed pieces of asphalt from the ground after she was removed and was throwing them at the bus. one piece got in. battery against the bus driver and police officer with resisting arrest. that's a natural reaction for a 9-year-old when they are told you can't have any more candy. throwing f word. look, the kid needs discipline in addition to meds. >> i know you guys have had a long day, handle a lot of cases, up very early with my colleague t.j. holmes. >> you allowed that. >> you gave him permission. >> after the fact. >> fred, i have such warm
9:44 am
regards to you -- fred, i have warm regards from howard university, been there all week, howard university school of law, paralegal certificate program. we got pinned. we're so proud and honored to be affiliated with them. >> you're doing some fantastic work for howard university my alma mater. thanks so much. good to see you. can't wait to see you back here in the house. we've got to look at our calendars get you down here again. >> pretty soon. >> thanks so much. >> have a good weekend. >> thanks so much. >> take care. major league catcher wilson ramos, what an incredible last 50 hours for him. now the family in venezuela is celebrating. his extended family in the u.s. also celebrating. he is safe, unhurt, after harrowing kidnapping ordeal. we'll get an explanation. how did this go down and why? ♪
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>> has anybody been apprehended? >> this is a very important case in venezuela. wilson ramos is a national star. he plays for the washington nationals. the most important game in venezuela is baseball. yes, he was rescued after two days of being kidnapped in his hometown. he talked to national tv. he said he's very happy to be back home with his friends and his family. >> translator: i am very happy for the rescue operation they carried out, very thankful to the government and national army. i didn't expect them. where they were holding my captive was a remote place, a jungle. i was praying to god to bring me home safely to my family. look at these guys, they risked their lives to save mine and i'm very thank >> fredricka, ramos also said the kidnappers and special
9:49 am
forces interchanged heavy gunfire during the rescue. he also said he believes kidnappers were colombian. he could notice something different in their accent and very happy and willing to join his team again very soon, fredricka. >> it's amazing how this actually happened in the first place. four people allegedly grabbed him, put him in a vehicle. the next thing you know, he's somewhere 40 miles away from his family's hometown. way in the mountains he clearly didn't know where he was. is it true hugo chavez got involved here and said we're going to make this rescue happen or we're going to get the right amount of resources involved to make sure this rescue takes place at all costs? >> absolutely, fredricka. venezuela, it's a very interesting country. president hugo chavez knows everything about the country itself. the minister of interior said yesterday said yesterday president hugo chavez himself
9:50 am
ordered the rescue operation yesterday morning. as you saw results were pretty fast. venza very interesting president as well. president hugo chavez has been in power for many years now. at the same time security has been deteriorating so this is not an isolated case. kidnapping is becoming very common in venezuela. >> sadly. we're glad that the outcome was the one we saw involving wilson ramos, thanks very much, luis. >> one major part of the cold war went unseen and unheard far beneath the ocean service. the submarine fleet, the sill enservice. those sailors on our veterans in service next. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils
9:51 am
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to honor the men and women in the u.s. armed forces, to hear their stories of struggle and sacrifice. this veterans in focus is about the men who served in the cold war far beneath the surface of the ocean. >> it's not a natural thing to submerge your ship in water.
9:54 am
the mission of a submarine is not to give itself away, remain undetected. we didn't want to make any kind of noise that a fish didn't make. all of the submariners know when they go to sea they are in harm's way. >> basically our patrol for 60 days submerged at a time. >> i had to learn my job and learn my job well so i could keep my ship mates alive. >> my job depended on my ship mates. it didn't matter if they were a seaman or captain. >> on uss nautilus 571, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine. i was on board for four years from 1957 to 1961. when i was on board, i was a sonar supervisor. a couple of pieces of equipment in there are the same ones i
9:55 am
operated. i think the political climate at the time was one of tension between us and the ussr. we could be in a harbor and no one would know we were there. we could be along the companies and nobody would know we were there. >> our adversaries knew we were out there and they couldn't find us. that's what the cold war was about. >> we just hoped every time we went to battle stations that it was a drill, because we all knew if it was not a drill, home would may be in pieces. >> i think we're probably a unique bunch of guys who think we're better than everybody else. >> special, special fraternity. >> it's so different than any other service. >> and joining us later on today for a special tribute to u.s. veterans, cnn photojournalist turn their lenses on the men and women of the military capturing their struggles as well as their
9:56 am
successes. tune into veterans in focus at 2:30 p.m. on cnn. all right. joe paterno isn't on the sidelines for penn state today. instead, the campus is in turmoil over a sex abuse scandal. more on that after this. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying...
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top stories now. a day of drama and uncertainty at penn state. the team is playing nebraska in its last home game without head coach, former head coach joe paterno. he was fired this week over child sex abuse scandal. paterno's firing set off riots by some students and supporters. at the start of today's game, the two teams met in the middle of the field for prayer for the alleged victims. in a vote watched by nervous economy's around the world italy's lower house of parliament just passed austerity measures. it said it approved the package spending cuts and proposals to boost growth. the move is the last act for


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